1. Each anthology contains stories by professional, published authors, hand picked by our editors. After choosing these stories we will open for submissions to unpublished writers. Those picked get a spot in the anthology and will be published along side some of the biggest names in fantasy.

2. The anthology will have three slots open for new writers, one in each of the following categories:

Category A – 3,000 word story
Category B – 5,000 word story
Category C – 8,000 word story

3. Each writer may submit one story and only one story. This does NOT mean you can submit one story per category. It means you may submit one story only.

4. Stories must be within 200 words of the category goal. For example if you were submitting to Category B, your story would need to be between 4,800 and 5,200 words.

5. The story must include the anthology as a major plot point, character, or worldbuilding feature. Please make sure ALL elements are prominent in your story. Stories with only one or missing one will not be considered.

6. Stories must be new and previously unpublished. (If you submitted a story to us in the past and it was rejected please see rule seven.)

7. You may submit a story that was previously submitted to us IF a) you’ve made substantial edits and polished it so it shines AND b) if it fits the other submission requirements.

8. All entries must be submitted by email. In the email include your name, email address, story title, and which category you are submitting to. Please include your real name and the name you are writing under if you are using a pseudonym.

9. The subject line of your email should be formatted as follows: SUB – CAT A – Story Title; SUB – CAT B – Story Title; or SUB – CAT C – Story Title

10. All entries must be attached to your email. We prefer you submit .doc or .docx files. Your document should consist of your story’s title, which category you are submitting to, your exact word count, the story itself, your name, and your email address. Please also save your file as “CAT A – Story Title by Author Name” so we can find them easier.

11. Stories should be formatted as follows: 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, with no graphics, weird fonts, or odd colors included.

12. All stories must be in English. They may contain non-English words, but our editors are not multi-lingual and unfortunately cannot read non-English stories.

Our next anthology will be announced soon.

– – –

We are currently closed for professional, published authors to submit their stories. If you have any questions, please email us at This option is open only to professional, published authors.

We are currently closed for unpublished authors to submit their stories. If you are an unpublished author and have any questions regarding please email us at This option is open only to new, unpublished writers.

Submission for new writers will open in the near future and remain open until one month later.  Any story sent before submissions open or after submissions close will be discarded.

If you are a reviewer or publishing professional and have any questions about the anthology, please email us at