Guns & Dragons

On this page you will find everything you need to know about our current anthology: Guns & Dragons. But first the important part:

We are currently closed for professional, published authors to submit their stories. If you would like to submit your story or have any questions, please email us at This option is open only to professional, published authors.

We are currently closed for unpublished authors to submit their stories. If you are unpublished and have any questions regarding the anthology please email us at This option is open only to new, unpublished writers.

Submissions period for new writers will open in the near future and remain open until one month later.  Any story sent before submissions open or after submissions close will be discarded.

Professional, Published Authors

The first goal for our anthologies is to include new stories from the best and brightest stars of SFF publishing. We are aiming for inclusiveness and diversity, both in the authors chosen and the types of stories they submit. SFF contains some of the most creative people in writing today and we want to share their stories and highlight that uniqueness to the best of our abilities.

We are currently in discussions with a number of published authors interested in submitting short stories. We will be releasing details on these authors before our regular submissions open.

New Writers

Every day at Fantasy-Faction, we come across truly fantastic fantasy stories from unpublished authors who are struggling to be noticed. The second objective of our anthologies is to offer unpublished writers the chance to be published alongside some of the biggest names in fantasy and get them the exposure they desperately need.

Now exposure is great and all, but it won’t pay the electric bill. So along with a fair payment rate, our submissions are 100% free!

But I’m skipping ahead. Let’s start with the basics.


Our first anthology was what we liked to call ‘Fantasy-Faction in a book’. The only theme was fantasy and we included articles in addition to the short stories. This time we have a set theme: Guns and Dragons!

Dragons are a staple of fantasy, taking roles as villains, environmental dangers, and even heroes. They can be huge and terrible or as small as hummingbirds. They are ancient and wise, holding the secrets of the universe; fire-breathing monsters protecting their hordes of gold; genetically modified beasts capable of travelling through time and space; or immortal beings worshipped for their god-like abilities.

Guns have been around since the 13th century AD. From the earliest Chinese weapons to today’s high powered rifles, guns have played a huge part in the shaping of our world and culture. However, very rarely are they seen in fantasy alongside dragons. Swords and magic? Of course. A semi-automatic or a flintlock rifle? Not so much. We aim to change that!

For this anthology we are looking for stories where the worlds of dragons and guns collide. High magic, low magic, ancient or modern. Whenever or wherever you choose. Show us how the world of these great beasts can coexist with one of the most deadly weapons ever invented.


Having piqued your interest, let us explain how submissions work. You can read the more detailed rules here.

Each anthology contains ten (or more) stories by professional, published authors, hand picked by our editors. After choosing these stories we will open for submissions to unpublished writers. Those picked get a spot in the anthology and will be published along side some of the biggest names in fantasy.

This anthology will have three slots open to new writers, one in each of the following categories:

Category A – 3,000 word story
Category B – 5,000 word story
Category C – 8,000 word story

Stories must be within 200 words of the category goal. For example if you were submitting to Category B, your story would need to be between 4,800 and 5,200 words. The story must also include dragon(s) and gun(s) as a major plot point, character, or worldbuilding feature. Please make sure BOTH elements are prominent in your story. Stories with only one or the other will not be considered.

For these three slots we will only be accepting new, unpublished stories from new writers who have not been published elsewhere. This is to give beginners in the fantasy genre a chance to shine. Please do not submit a story during our regular submission period if you are already shining somewhere else.

Each writer may submit one story and only one story. This does NOT mean you can submit one story per category. It means you may submit one story only, so choose carefully.

The submission period for new writers will be announced in the near future and remain open until one month later. Any story sent before submissions open or after submissions close will be discarded.

Selected Stories

Writers who are selected for the anthology will receive editing services for their submission, be published in the final anthology, and receive payment based on their word count. They will also receive a free ebook of the anthology and a discount on any paperback/hardback orders.

To submit your story please go to our Submissions page.


Need more information about who we are and what we do? You can find it on our main website:

Want more information about our first anthology and some of the amazing authors it included? Check out the Anthologies page.

Information on which published authors will be included in Guns & Dragons will be posted in the near future. But for now let’s just say we are super excited to be working with them and we can’t wait to see what they write!

If you are an unpublished author and have any questions please email us at

If you are published author, a reviewer, or a publishing professional and have any questions, please email us at