Frequently Asked Questions

Who and what is Fantasy-Faction Publishing?

We are a branch of the award winning website: Fantasy-Faction. You can read more about us on our About page.

What have you published in the past?

You can see a list of our anthologies on our Anthologies page.

When will submissions open?

Submissions will open in the near future. Stay tuned!

Can I submit a story if I’ve never been published before?

Yes! Check here for more information on submission rules.

Can I submit a story if I’m published somewhere else?

Yes! If you are a published author and would like more information please email us at fantasyfactionpublishing@gmail.com.

What happens to my story after I submit it?

After you’ve sent your story to us we hand it over to our slush readers. They will read through it and rate it based on the editors’ criteria. At the end of the slush phase, the top 5-10% of the entries will be re-read by our editors. Editors will re-rate the stories independently and meet up to discuss which they feel should be included in the anthology.

Who will be reading my story?

We have a super-secret group of fantasy lovers who have volunteered to read your work. These slush readers will be given stories to look over and pass the cream of the crop onto our editors. Our editors are: Marc Aplin and Jennie Ivins. You can read more about them on our About page.

Will I get any feedback on my submission?

Unfortunately we will not be able to give individual feedback on entries. Last time we received over 1,700 stories and it would take too long to go through each one to critique them.*

*There may be a way to get a critique of your story in the future. Check back for more details.

What do you get if your story is selected?

Authors selected will receive editing services for their submission, be published in the final anthology, and receive a payment based on their story’s word count. They will also receive a free ebook of the anthology and a discount on any paperback/hardback orders.

When will the new writer list be announced?

Submissions will run for a month. The selected authors will be announced after we have read through all the submissions.

When will the published author list be announced?

The published authors who will be included in the anthology will be announced before regular submissions open.

Where can I purchase your previous anthologies?

You can get more information on our previous anthologies on our Anthologies page.