Fantasy-Faction was founded to help readers find fantasy books that would rock their world through reviews, articles, and author interviews. After the great initial success of the main site we decided just suggesting previously published works was not enough. We had writers galore in our forum and reading our articles, they must have stories worth sharing. Stories that were going untold for lack of a place to tell them.

Fantasy-Faction Publishing was born!

For those unfamiliar with us, Fantasy-Faction.com is one of the biggest fantasy communities online. Since going live in 2010, we have attracted hundreds of thousands of genre enthusiasts. Our position in SFF means we have worked closely with both readers and writers of fantasy. This includes interviews with hugely successful authors such as Patrick Rothfuss, Charlaine Harris, Joe Abercrombie, Kameron Hurley, Scott Lynch, Robin Hobb, and many, many more.

Our first anthology was well received thanks to the awesome variety of stories we acquired. The big name authors who volunteered their time and words were on the top of their game. The new, previously unpublished authors did their best to emulate them. In fact, many who read the anthology had trouble discerning the veteran authors from the new blood!

It was an amazing and enriching experience we think bears repeating as many times as possible. Creating something from nothing, working with impressive talent and new voices, getting to read stories that few people on Earth even know about, then hearing how those stories were loved and appreciated by our readers, there is just no way to qualify that.

To learn about our past anthologies, check out our Anthologies page.


Marc AplinMarc Aplin is founder and Overlord of Fantasy-Faction. He devours about a novel a week, which he fits around training mixed martial artists for fights in cages. When he isn’t reading or training he likes to spend time with his girlfriend, Nikki, his dog, Poppy, and his dragon, Dragon. Marc is always happy to hear from fans, authors, and publishers, so, if you have any questions, drop him an e-mail at: Marc [at] Fantasy-Faction.com or you can follow him on Twitter @FantasyFaction.

Jennie IvinsJennie Ivins is the New Jersey branch of Fantasy-Faction. She lives with her math loving husband and their three autistic boys (one set of twins & one singleton). In between being a stay-at-home mom and trying to stay above the flood of toys and dirty laundry, she is Editor at Fantasy-Faction and is writing her first series of fantasy novels. Besides her love of words she also enjoys photography, art, and cooking as well as anything else shiny that happens across her field of vision. If you’d like to reach Jennie, you can email her at fantasyfactionpublishing [at] gmail.com or you can follow her on Twitter @Autumn2May and @FantasyFacPub.